Project Marketing

IMZA Marketing handles a variety of projects for a single client, concentrating on the long-term effects of the project portfolio it manages for the client’s business. A well-known and well-liked business for marketing real estate projects is IMZA Marketing. Numerous different societies, hotels, plazas, apartments, and housing developments across Pakistan have been successfully marketed and sold by us. Our project marketing experts are educated, and “recommended” based on their familiarity with the fundamentals of real estate marketing. IMZA Project Marketing provides a well-established and successful selling framework to developers of residential and commercial property for Pakistani and international buyers. Our unique combination of coordinated selling initiatives has helped us grow into a strong project marketing force. Many of Pakistan’s largest developers rely on this knowledge when it comes to promoting their projects. IMZA Marketing uses both ATL and BTL to deliver these services. In above-the-line marketing, mass marketing techniques primarily untargeted and focused on the brand building are used. Direct marketing techniques targeted at specific target markets and more concerned with conversions than brand building are examples of below-the-line marketing.

Why Choose Imza Marketing?

One of the significant standout advantages of Imza Project Marketing is our dedicated research department that can provide specific and accurate information related directly to your project. These custom reports can help you make informed business-based financial decisions, guided by our experienced project marketing team.
Our successful project marketers have strong development contacts and provide sales and marketing strategies and a comprehensive range of services tailored to individual client needs.

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